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Why Hitler was a Socialist and not a Right Winger.

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Hitler was a Socialist, not a Right Winger.

While debating against Right Wingers, Leftists often cite Adolf Hitler as a right winger which is a classic straw man fallacy.

From the name of his Political party to his economic policies, here's 5 reasons why Hitler was a Socialist.

The National Socialist German Workers' Party, commonly known as the Nazi party was socialist in the essence that Hitler believed in controlling the market forces prevailing in the country. He had no faith in the wonders of the free market as his authoritarian tendencies suggests.

1) Control over farmers:

After coming to power, Hitler established an institution called the 'Reich Food estate' which regulated food production.

From fixing prices of the produces to dictating the kind of crops to be grown and the kind of fertilizers to be used was all decided by Hitler himself.

The control was so much that small Farmers could not sell, divide or mortgage their farm lands voluntarily.

This resulted in a massive food shortage even before the war and hence food items such as butter was rationed, which means people were dictated how much butter they can buy.

2) Control over the labour market:

Hitler put workers into factories for his rearmament efforts. This created the facade of employment generation but the real problem was coming.

Arms and armaments could not be sold to consumers hence there was no multiplier effect. Because of this, the wages of workers could not rise and workers worked 49-53 hours a week for extremely low wages.

3) Using slave labour:

The very doctrine of capitalism is consensual transaction between employer and employee. Slaves labourers were forced to work under the Nazi regime which itself is a socialist phenomena seen all throught history, from Soviet Union to Communist China.

4) Taking over Jewish properties:

No doubt that Hitler was indeed a religious bigot but his bigotry towards the Jewish people was not just because of faith but because of wealth of the Jewish population. Across Germany, Jewish people were the wealthier class compared to the other Germans. This helped Hitler electorally to pin every blame of the First World War on the Jewish population.

This anti-rich theory of rich vs poor is a classic socialist narrative which Hitler used and people till date use it in one form or the other, with or without the religious bigotry.

5) Top down employment approach:

Hitler was hardly interested in generating employment through entrepreneurship or by incentivizing small businesses. His only goals was to use every spare resource, including workers, for weapons, arms and tanks. Hitler wanted to create the facade of employment by employing as many people as possible in his factories at a minimal wage.

Right Wing economists believe in the following things:

*Jobs are a mean, not an end in themselves.

*People work to live better to put food on their plates.

*Real growth means production of what people demand,

*That's entrepreneurship, not just a central plan.

Therefore, Hitler was not a Right Winger but a true socialist with regards to his economic approach.

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