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Fact Check: Viral message depicting the purported breakup of the petrol prices is FAKE.

There have been viral messages doing the rounds depicting the purported break up of petrol price. The viral post or message claims that the Central Government charges only a small sum out of the total cost for 1 litre of petrol in the form of Excise Duty and Road Cess and it is the State Governments who are receiving the major chunk in the form of VAT.

For example, one of the messages reads as follows:

सभी पेट्रोल पंप पर इस तरह का बोर्ड होना चाहिए।

मूल दर। *30.50

केंद्रीय सरकार। *17.42

राज्य सरकार। *40.55

वितरण करनेवाला। *8.50


कुल। 96.97

तब जनता समझेगी कि कौन जिम्मेदार है।

The basic rate, the Excise Duty and Road Cess charged by the Central Government, application of Value-Added Tax (VAT) by State Governments and the gain made by dealers and overall prices of petrol are subject to variation from post to post; but all posts depict just one information that VAT charged by the state government is much higher in comparison to the Excise Duty and Road Cess which is charged by the Central Government on petrol.

These viral messages come at a time when the petrol and diesel prices are at their all time high.

Fact Check: The information being circulated vide these viral messages is fake because as per Indian Oil(16th February data for Delhi) the amount charged in the form of Excise Duty and Road Cess by the Central Government is ₹32.90/- out of the total ₹89.29/- and the amount being charged by the Delhi State Government in the form of VAT is ₹20.61/-. Hence, we can conclude that the aforementioned viral messages are fake and contain factually incorrect data.

Image Source: Indian Oil Corporation

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