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If Mahua Moitra wants to talk about Fascism, TMC ruled West Bengal should be Chapter 1

Mahua Moitra on multiple occasions has alleged the ruling BJP Government that under their regime the country is showing ‘early signs of fascism’ and how the very idea or concept of democracy is falling apart. However, if Mahua Moitra is so keen to talk about the rise of fascism then TMC ruled West Bengal is the first state to begin with.

Global change starts at home. Similarly, if Mahua Moitra wants to talk about fascism and other incidental topics then she should dump her hypocrisy and start her anti-fascism drive from West Bengal itself.

Let us begin from the 2018 Gram Panchayat Polls where unprecedented 34.2% of the total Gram Panchayat seats went uncontested and TMC candidates won even before the voting procedure. The Supreme Court observed that there was malpractice in the recent panchayat elections in West Bengal and called it ‘shocking’. Referring to statistics on uncontested seats in various districts in the panchayat polls, then Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said a few hundred can be understood, but this is in thousand.

Ever since 1978 when panchayat elections began to be held with due regularity in Bengal, there have been only two instances of the percentage of uncontested seats going into double digits: 11% in 2003 and 10.66% in 2013. This means that the number of uncontested seats is more than three times the previous high. Furthermore, in a big claim, TMC-turned BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari while addressing a poll rally in West Bengal's Jhargram said that the 2018 panchayat polls were rigged. He said, "I was there so I know".

According to a petitioner, Sharmistha Chowdhury, 9 of the 11 candidates of the Polerhat II gram panchayat at Bhangar in South 24 Parganas district of the state of West Bengal filed their nominations vide WhatsApp. The candidates used the messaging app because they were allegedly prevented from reaching the destined office by a group of armed hooligans. In this regard Election Commission was also directed by the Calcutta High Court to accept the nominations filed by the 9 candidates and treat them as valid.


If Mahua Moitra treats ''Political Murders' as a sign of falling democracy and rising fascism then according to National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) West Bengal topped the chart for most number of ‘Political Murders’ or ‘Murders due to Political Reasons’ in the year 2018 with total 12 murders. Since the State Government didn’t provide the data for the year 2019 in the required time, so the initial report for the year 2019 was prepared on the basis of 2018 data(12 murders) and the state topped the charts once again in the year 2019. However, as per the fresh reports total ‘Political Murders’ in the year 2019 in the state of West Bengal amounted to 13. Majority of these victims were BJP workers.

We, here in India have a culture of often calling the central agencies as ‘Tota’(Parrot) in the control of the Central Government. So, before anyone comes up with an excuse like, “Arey NCRB toh BJP Government ke haath me hai”, let me remind them that when Home Ministry released a figure of 36 Political Deaths in West Bengal for the year 2016, it was the same NCRB who contradicted the Home Ministry by releasing a totally different figure i.e. 1.

Before diluting the credibilty of NCRB, I guess the above mentioned incident needs to be taken into consideration.

In the month of October, 2019, 52-year-old Haralal Debnath, a BJP Party worker was shot dead in Krishnanagar, West Bengal. BJP alleged TMC for the incident.

On 14th July Bapi Ghosh, a BJP party worker was allegedly attacked by TMC goons and was fatally injured after being hit with bamboos and iron rods in the head. Eventually, he succumbed to his injuries, a day later. This incident of violence took place at Krishnanagar, West Bengal.

Many may ask that why am I pinpointing incidents that took place in Krishnanagar. Well! Mahua Moitra is the sitting MP (Member of Parliament) from the Krishnanagar constituency.

Between October, 2018 to October, 2019, 23 BJP workers were killed as a result of political violence in West Bengal i.e. almost 2 deaths per month.

Atleast 14 BJP members were killed in West Bengal during the period of January, 2020 to September, 2020.

In another incident of attack on BJP leaders in the state West Bengal, BJP councillor from Titagarh, Manish Shukla was shot dead by unknown assailants. The incident happened on 4th October, 2020 Titagarh police station in Barrackpore area. Manish Shukla was hit by several bullets fired by the attackers who were wearing helmets. The assailants fled away after shooting at the BJP leader, party worker Gobinda was also injured when he tried to save Manish Shukla. Shukla was rushed to a private hospital nearby, where he was declared ‘brought dead’.

To conclude, If the above mentioned incidents and datas don’t ring alarm bells of ‘early fascism’ in West Bengal then nothing ever will and my only question to Mahua Mitra with respect to situation prevailing in West Bengal is:

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