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We, as Hindus don't want Shri Ram vs Maa Durga, in West Bengal Assembly Elections, 2021.

‘Ram was a king and even Gandhiji has spoken about Ram Rajya. How come Maa Durga made an entry in this scenario?’, this is what Dilip Ghosh, West Bengal BJP President said while taking part in India Today Conclave East 2021 organised at a city hotel.

If Dilip Ghosh’s remark wasn’t enough to make Hindus feel like pawns of a chess game, then Mamata Banerjee’s statement terming Lord Durga superior to Lord Ram has surely done it. She said, ‘Lord Ram used to worship Maa Durga because she is superior to Ram’.

It seems as if Bengal politicians and political parties are hell bent on making this a battle between two Hindu Gods. However, politicians and political parties need to understand that Hindus and Hindu gods are not their election props or election campaign agents.

If Maa Durga is a symbolic figure for righteousness, feminine epitome of strength etc. Then, Maryadapurshottam Shri Ram is considered as a symbol of selflessness, ideal leader (Concept of Ram Rajya) etc.

Both are recognized and considered as figures symbolizing the ‘triumph of good over evil’.

Every single God/Goddess in the Hindu mythology has immense importance in their own respective way.

So, the question which needs to be asked is, “How does a normal Hindu guy feel about the ongoing politics involving Hindu Gods?”.

Any normal Hindu guy will feel that Hindus and Hindu Gods are being used as a vote bank toolkit, to draw and convince the Hindu masses to vote for them.

We, Sanatanis, strong followers and believers of the noble principles of the Sanatan Dharma would request that please stop treating we, Hindus as a mere vote bank and kindly, refrain from pitting two Hindu Gods against each other for the sake of your political gain.

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